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Dredger Design

If you have a demand for a solid dredger design that meets modern standards and adapts to class and client requirements, stop looking any further.

We already have multiple Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger designs in stock that can be purchased and adopted to your specific requirements.

The designs range from 1,000 to 3,500 m³ hopper capacity, dedicated for contractor, aggregate or maintenance purposes.

The designs come with an extensive technical description that includes engine power, dredging installation, load balance etc.

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Engineering review

Especially in the engineering phase sometimes choices are being made that may seem obvious, but at the end are causing a major headache during building or once the vessel is operational.

At Dredge Vision we have people who dredged themselves for decades and know where to look at. We offer the possibility of reviewing your General Arrangement and technical specification to filter out the potential headache for you and your client.

Our review report not only contains a listing of points of attention, it also explains the reason and offers you an alternative.

At the end you will deliver a better product, saved time and money and have a satisfied customer.

Commissioning & Trials

We can team up a captain and crew for commissioning and trials.

Dredge Vision then guides trough the whole process, including crew training, ISM, ISPS, planned maintenance systems and much more.

Kindly keep in mind that we have to line up a lot to be able to provide this service.
Early booking is therefore recommended and appreciated.


Our Mechatronic based dredging automation system was designed to cut total costs of ownership. This already starts at newbuilding or rebuilding because the system operates on a real-time ethernet cable. Immediately saving substantial on expensive hard wire cables, man-hours of electricians to lay the cables and therefor also saving on building time itself.

The starting package includes the basic hardware, software and visualisations. For a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger the visualisations are Suction Tube Position Visualisation (STPV) and Draught Load Measurement (DLM) including Tons Dry Solids (TDS)

A wide range of modular packages of automation and control can be added, either directly or in the future.

Where PLC components tend to age rapidly and may be hard to obtain at some point upgrading of our system is as easy as updating the software or replacing a computer or server.

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Parts & Service

For clients abroad we offer the possibility to represent their company if any parts or services must be sourced in Europe. We can monitor repairs and overhaul of equipment on your behalf and perform inspections prior to the release of a letter of credit.

To build specific parts at a yard or workshop of your choice we offer design and engineering packages for specific components such as bottom door (systems), dragheads etc.