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Project In Trouble

Some examples.

Imagine that your project is behind on schedule to an extend that it keeps you awake at night. Your highly qualified and experienced team has tried everything to turn the tide, but no luck.

Your options:

A – Prepare for a loss
B – Dial +31 629 333 884

Dredge Vision: Different Thinking – Different results


A dredger encountered a hard layer in a capital dredging project. After two weeks of trying several approaches, the only remaining option seemed to mobilise another piece of dredging equipment. We modified the draghead at low cost and the hard patch was dredged within 48 hours


A modern TSHD experienced difficulties when they had to dredge deep without the aid of a submerged dredge pump. We resolved the problem with a relatively simple modification to the draghead which we realised locally.

United Kingdom

A cable laying project was in jeopardy, the problems were major and varied.

Our detailed involvement contributed to the laying of the first cable in the 5th week.


A TSHD experienced up to 50 grenades per draghead per trip resulting in delays that sometimes exceeded 24 hours. We designed and build a new bomb-grid on top of which we added 3 innovations. The amount of unexploded ordnance that was dredged up went down to 1 or 2 per week simultaneously increasing the dredging production efficiency.


Our client was looking at a great financial loss at a maintenance dredging project which was caused by external factors. We temporary rebuild their grab dredger into an efficient water injection dredger and saved the project.


A chartered dredger was underperforming doing only 35.000 m3 a week.

We realised a production increase to 85.000 m3 per week. Same ship, same crew.


Benin – A project management had a typical cutter suction job but the only available equipment was a trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD).

With this TSHD we managed to dredge an area from +2 m to -5 m