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Client representation

If dredging is involved as part of an offshore contract you may have the need for an experienced dredging representative or a small team to back you up in this matter.

Dredge Vision is specialised in such contracts. Needless to say that we maintain the high offshore safety standards and have an understanding for the high stakes.

From contracts, assessment of the involved equipment to the method statements and realistic planning we are there to support your team, anywhere any time.

Trenching & post trenching

25 years of field experience at challenging projects across the globe resulted in a detailed understanding of trench dredging, particularly when trailing suction hopper dredgers are involved.

We can also guide your dredging contractor at a detailed level to ensure the trench meets its specs and in time.

Our priority is always to avoid post trenching for risk of damaging the pipe or its MEG lines. Understanding these risks we are capable of guiding into successful post lowering should it be necessary.

Offshore cable laying

If you are looking for experienced professionals for temporary support of your own team, we can team up with your project management during start-up or in order to get a project on track.

We can really make a difference in challenging projects involving cable laying.

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Unexploded ordnance (UXO)

If a cable or pipe line track is suspected to be contaminated with UXO it needs to be cleared first.

Removal is costly and you may have a demand for a party that overviews it all, checking all involved aspects such as safety, security, disposal “by the book” and progress.

Dredge Vision is specialised in dredging UXO contaminated soil and can be your partner in managing the safe removal of UXO.