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Trouble shooting

Sometimes things don’t work out as they are intended.
If the standard dredging “toolbox” with remedies does not provide the solution: you need “special tools”.

At Dredge Vision we provide such special tools, usually one offs.
If production fails or your project is in jeopardy, we may very well be able to help out.

Throughout the years we have built up a long record of weapon facts and so far never failed once.

Even renown European dredging companies know whom to turn to if options are running out.

Dredger design

We look at dredgers as floating production units where the key factors are production performance, low cost of ownership, low wear & tear at minimum required maintenance time and costs and therefore minimal downtime.

Rather than starting with the hull design and in a later stage trying to fit in the installation we start with the optimal installation and adapt the hull to this.

This reverse process has led to refreshing new dredger designs which at first glance may look very familiar, but the inside reflects 20 years of practical dredging experience.

We believe that earning money with a dredger starts at the design table.

Some of our designs are displayed in the portfolio section.


Today’s generation dredging automation is generally PLC based. At Dredge Vision we noticed that there are limits to such systems and that these limits are already in sight.

With a highly specialised partner we developed a dredging automation system that is based on Mechatronic technology. The first dredger equipped with this system sailed in the beginning of 2012 and it is meanwhile installed on several other vessels of valued but critical customers.

The system is extremely stable and its unique task oriented user interface makes it very easy to work with. The system has endless benefits compared to existing systems, is easy to install and very competitive in pricing.

At the moment we are developing several intelligent dredging components that are based on this system. They can be used in combination with the mechatronic automation or as stand-alone, integrated in your existing automation system.

For more information about this system and what it can mean to your dredgers, kindly contact us here.

Unexploded ordnance (UXO)

UXO is not only a threat to the safety of your personnel and assets, it can also threaten the production or even the entire project.

Dredge Vision is specialised in dredging soils contaminated with UXO

From special designed bomb-grids, safety precautions and UXO experts up to measures to keep up the production rates - It is all under one roof.

Contact us at any time if UXO is troubling you, however we recommend to let us think with you if the project is still being prepared.

Parts & Service

For clients abroad we offer the possibility to represent their company if any parts or services must be sourced in Europe. Also we can monitor repairs and overhaul of equipment on your behalf and perform inspections prior to the release of a letter of credit.

To build specific parts at a yard or workshop of your choice we offer design and engineering packages for specific components such as bottom door (systems), dragheads etc.

Dredge Vision draghead 700

Assessment & Inspection

This is one of our core businesses.
Each year we assess multiple dredgers for reasons of purchase, charter or production improvement. Our assessment reports provide detailed information about the vessels actual status, readiness, spare parts and upcoming investments. Our assessments therefore distinguish from “standard” surveys that are usually being limited to the certificates and regular vessel equipment.

Based on the assessment it is also possible to make an investment plan which includes and explains balanced improvement proposals and costs estimation.

This service is also available for colleague surveyors who don’t survey dredgers on a regular basis and therefore could use some dredger expertise.


If you have a demand for professional supervision during new building, major conversions, modifications or dry docking, Dredge Vision Consultants look forward to give a helping hand.

Our experienced consultants can be added to your own team of professionals, but it is also possible to take the lead in challenging projects anywhere.

Some of our prior projects are displayed at the portfolio section.