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Compact 1500

Another out of the box design by Dredge Vision

The Dredge Vision 1500 Compact is not a dredger as you know it.

The Compact can be seen as a dredging tool for contractors.
The design emerged from the drawing table after careful listening to experienced dredger owners and users about their requirements and demands:

  • Low initial investment
  • Excellent dredging performance
  • Simplicity, easy to use
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Flexibility
  • Quality

To meet the demand of low initial investment, the dredger was simplified to the max.
Even the engine room was skipped. Dredging performance is guaranteed by the submerged dredge pump which is installed in the central dredge arm.
Trailing suction dredging can be simplified to a single start/stop button, Automation will do the rest.

Not only simplifying will reduce cost of ownership, also the limited number of moving parts, hydraulics, electrics and wear and tear parts were reduced to the max. The owner saves substantial on building costs, spare parts, repairs and downtime.

The ship’s hull shape makes it possible to increase hopper capacity to 3500 m³ by means of a push barge. It also allows to remain dredging while the spoil is transported by barges. This technique increases daily productions tremendously.

The central dredge arm by choice can be of the traditional type or the special Conodredge arm of which the lower part can simply and quick be exchanged between trailing suction dredging, water injection dredging or cutter suction dredging. All used parts are of the highest quality standard.

It is also possible to add a travelling crane or excavator or equip the vessel with a standard dredging tube. For more information about this and our other designs, kindly contact us here.