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Dredge Vision was established in 2008 by Master Mariner and former TSHD Captain Henk Klooster.

Our merchandise is knowledge, experience but most of all our unique way of approaching any challenge either technical or operational.

Over the past years we have been the silent force behind multiple dredging, engineering, innovation, building and conversion projects.

We are particularly proud on the Mechatronic based Automation system that we have developed with a partner. The potential of using self-learning features has opened a whole new world of unequalled possibilities.

Our innovative approach on dredger design translated into new insights to increase dredging efficiency at reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

Combined with the intelligent automation a new breed of dredgers emerged from the drawing table.

We offer a broad package of service and support, ranging from single assessments and inspections to project responsibility.

Whenever dredging is involved - also in offshore and energy projects – we can be that valuable partner that you are looking for.