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Project responsibility

With a chartered TSHD we took project responsibility for our client.
While our project team took care of the day to day business, we temporary transformed our clients own grab dredger into a highly efficient water injection dredger.
This saved multiple weeks of expensive TSHD input.

Dredging on LNG

As part of a study group Dredge Vision explored the possibilities of dredging on LNG.
The initiative was taken by the Dutch ministry of Economic affairs.
For more information on LNG as fuel for dredgers please contact us here

Next generation TSHD

Have you ever asked yourself why a TSHD design starts with the hull, while the money making part is mainly the dredging installation? Read more

Major conversion

Dredge Vision took project responsibility to convert an existing dry cargo ship into a Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger.
After a successful sea trial the vessel immediate set sail to its first dredging project.

Dredger design

Dredger design

For a client we designed a TSHD of 2700 m³ with two dredge arms and ice class

Major conversion

After the successful conversion of a dry cargo ship into a TSHD, we were approached by a shipyard to design a dredger based on their existing dry cargo hull.
With an innovative approach we achieved just that: a dredger as good as if it was purpose designed.

Bridge design

There is no room for error when creating a safe, ergonomic and efficient working environment for combined navigation & dredging
Therefore, although designed in 3D, we always build and test a full scale mock-up before the green light for production is given.

Intelligent anti-cavitation system

Cavitation not only causes damage, it also deteriorates your dredging process.
Our intelligent anti cavitation system is designed to operate on maximum vacuum, but pro-active responds if the cavitation limits are reached.
The system is successfully operating on dredgers since 2012 an can be installed as a stand-alone system that can simply be switched on and off.