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Next generation automation

After many years of working with high end dredging automation systems on-board dredgers the following was concluded:

PLC based systems are vulnerable and their components age fast When mall functioning, the exact cause is sometimes hard to detect It takes a lot of training and skills to work with these systems Even the most sophisticated systems depend on the interpretation of the individual operator

Our solution:

In other high tech industries Mechatronic based systems are the new standard.

Dredge Vision cooperated with a developer of such high tech systems which resulted in the world’s first Mechatronic based dredger automation with intelligent features.

That was in 2012, meanwhile several new and existing TSHD’s were equipped with our system. The benefits are numerous:

Low installation costs
No aging parts
Self diagnostics
The computer calculates and informs the operator
Extremely flexible, reliable and stable
It’s control interface is as easy to use as a smartphone

Investment much lower than PLC systems also when an upgrade is required

If you are interested to learn more about our automation system, kindly contact us here.